Having a ready team of GCP Facilities Management specialists you can rely on, makes running a business a whole lot easier. For any kind of FM support you need, you’ll have just one number to call. We like to save you time and keep things simple. You’ll have a dedicated local area manager, someone who understands your FM requirements, attends regular performance reviews and is directly supported by our Operations Director.

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It means fewer levels of management, shorter lines of communication and a more efficient service. And then there’s our front-line GCP staff. On-site, multi-skilled experts, professionally trained in the management of a host of hard and soft FM services, providing your facilities and people with the quality of service that’s needed to maximise productivity.

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Outsource any type of facilities management service and you need to be certain of its quality. Whether it’s office cleaning or HVAC maintenance it just has to be right. With GCP Facilities we make sure of it, we want to exceed your expectations.

Detailed service level agreements determine work scheduling, operating procedures, supervision levels and performance reviews. Then we check, check and check again. Only through rigorous attention to detail and by taking complete care is compliance and consistent quality guaranteed.

And as an ISO9001 certified company with BSI, one of the world’s foremost national standards bodies, not only are our quality management systems independently audited, so too is the quality of work that we do for our clients. So rest assured, we put quality first.

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In providing facilities management services, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Premises and staffing levels vary greatly by type of business and sector, and requirements are never the same. Compliance aside, what’s important to one isn’t necessarily important to another.

That’s why at GCP facilities we’ve always taken a highly flexible approach, one that’s personalised and delivers a facilities management service that’s properly tailored to meet the real needs of the client’s buildings and the people working inside.

A total facilities management solution isn’t always the answer. You might just need one or two soft FM services to complement your in-house team. Or you may want a bigger bundle of seamlessly integrated hard and soft FM services. The choice is yours.

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GCP is also passionate about helping our clients’ businesses become even more environmentally sustainable. Like you, we care about the environment we work in and promote recycling and green business practices within the facilities management services we offer.

We are actively transforming our supply chain in order to reduce our carbon footprint and have successfully reduced our carbon emissions by 4,500 tonnes per annum. We also only work with waste collection companies that have a zero tolerance policy towards landfill.

The average CO 2 g/km of the GCP Facilities car fleet continues to fall and is already at a level well ahead of prescribed Government targets. We are now working on achieving the same outcome for our commercial vehicles.

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For GCP Facilities, working together in partnership means trusting each other and sharing information. It’s about openness and working policies that breed continual improvements in quality and efficiency.

Through our open book management systems we want you to be free to track expenditure, monitor work schedules, check on performance and review quality audits. We’ll never hide from our responsibilities, when change needs to happen it does.

Combined with quality, flexibility and care for the environment, transparency is a cornerstone of the GCP service offering. This can often differentiate us. With it comes the client satisfaction and long-term business relationships that we’re proud of most.

We are certified by BSI to the ISO14001 Environmental Management standard.

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