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GCP Facilities offer reactive and preventative maintenance services, providing a cost effective way to meet the current and ongoing needs of your facility management. The services that we provides cover the following:

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Painting and Decoration


Painting and decorating

First impressions really do count and a commercial building’s décor will always influence the way both customers and staff are feeling about your business.  GCP Facilities’ painting and decorating service will keep your facilities looking smart.

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However careful you are with your facilities, whatever planned preventative maintenance programs (PPM) you have in place, a variety of minor repair and maintenance jobs will always crop up and ultimately need attention.  GCP’s handyman service provides you with a cost-effective, one-stop solution.

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Assuring all year round comfort of staff and visitors, and the reliability of critical data server and telecoms equipment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are a vital concern for building owners and facilities managers.  GCP Facilities takes care of them for you.

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The importance of plumbing systems to all kinds of businesses can’t be underestimated.  Unattended leaks can prove disastrous, equipment failures can affect sanitation, catering and heating facilities.  With GCP’s plumbing service you’ll have them covered.

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Electrical services can play a key role in maximising the efficiency and availability of your building’s facilities.  Lengthy equipment or system downtime needs to be avoided if business productivity and staff comfort levels are to be maintained at optimum levels.

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Fire Safety


Fire safety

Fire safety is a paramount concern for facilities management professionals.  Covered by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it requires a responsible person to conduct a fire risk assessment to identify potential hazards in a building and to implement protection measures to mitigate against them.  Lives depend on it.

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CCTV and Security


CCTV and Security

Safeguarding your business and assuring the security of your building, its staff, visitors and contents is a major responsibility for facilities managers.  A security audit needs to identify all the risks and security systems need to be installed and maintained to mitigate them.  GCP Facilities can manage it for you.

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Access Control


Access control

Access control plays a vital role in protecting your building, its facilities, staff and visitors.  It just can’t be left to chance.  That’s why GCP Facilities provides a complete access control service including surveys, design, installation, preventative maintenance programs (PPM) and repair.

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Gate and Door automation

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Traffic control barriers

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Fencing system

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Barriers, posts, shutters and grilles...

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